Ladder Safety 101

The #1 construction accident is falling from ladders! How do you prevent these? You properly tie down the ladder, place it at an appropriate angle, and use the correct sized ladder. Following those three simple instruction’s will prevent those fall’s more times than none. We hope this video provides you a great perspective on how to correctly tie down a ladder and take precaution. Follow the instructor’s tips!

People die from 4 foot fall’s every year or become seriously injured.  We noticed people are more lackadaisical when it comes to 2 story building. Regardless of how many year’s you roofed or used a ladder take each time as it’s your first. Additionally if you don’t value your life there’s an organization called OSHA that certainly will. They’ll be making nice little call to your employer or you regarding your mishaps.

We’d also recommend having at least one hand on the ladder at all times along with your feet. Use the 3 touch step-ladder method. We understand you’ll have tool’s, the rope to the tie the ladder down, or whatever you’re bringing on your roof with you.