Waterproofing roofers place on the totem pole

So you’re a roofer?

Often discussing fields of occupation there are times we feel inept. Especially when the grandest question of them enters your life. So “what do you do?”

This question regardless of one’s job can cause discomfort especially within your physical body. Common symptoms such as intense sweating, a lack of eye contact, or worse body odor! It happens and it’s natural. That’s why you have to instill the nerve to say: I work in the roofing industry and I’m damn proud of it. Even after years of trial and error you become cognitive of patterned responses such as “Oh,” “really”, “that’s hard work”, or the common glance away/lost their interest type. Don’t let others perception and ignorance affect your mood.

Seriously, why the discomfort or embarrassment?

Don’t be! Embrace your job! This trade is honorable and necessary. Unless you’re a professional baseball player or work solely outside, do you not need a roof?

Here’s a list of places that don’t need a roof: National Park (I bet there gift shop has one), soccer field (that’s changing before our eyes), Garden, and few others. There’s no doubt you need a roof living in the Midwest. Even the homeless people of the Midwest find shelter in awful conditions. A roof is second nature to us. It’s such a necessity that people neglect its obvious nature. Whether you’re the 1 percent or fighting to make it through the day this product demands your attention. Heck, even the Mennonite uses this product!

Why does one delay their next roof project? Believe it or not it’s common for a home with a tarp to sit as-is for a year or two. It’s astonishing that individuals will avoid getting a watertight system on their home. They say “well, it’s expensive” and I think well yeah! Why wouldn’t it? It protects your family, things, and biggest investment from the elements. How many times have you slept in or even under your Lexus? Nice car, bad roof? Priorities. Yet the homeowner believes the roofer is taking advantage of them and on to the next estimate they go.

Master degree or master at decking (roof decking) that is.

Our society so-often is preached to praise doctors, teachers, and technology careers. This article is not intended to relegate that praise towards our field, but start taking the joy we deserve in our hard work. At the end of the day most/if not all work under a 20-year single-ply roofing membrane or asphalt shingle you installed. So enjoy the moment knowing that you’re the one whom installed that product that allows them to continue performing what they love to do.

What caused this article one may ask. Well, I opened the NRCA Roofing Manual: Steep-slope roof systems 2013 book regarding an installation question on fire-treated insulation. I wanted to make sure it was the best product for a specific structure. Based off my research it wasn’t and there were alternatives. See this NRCA Roofing manual consists of over 2,000 pages of knowledge pertaining to a roof: installation, code, best methods, & breakthroughs. See our field is more than four nails per shingle even if today most believe “I can do his job.” You may be right. However, with WebMD and the Internet I could also, do yours too. So, lets quit competing with other people and start embracing YOU.wa

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