New tech slowly disrupting the construction industry.

This is footage taken from our companies latest investment “drone’s.”

Six year’s ago this same footage would have required our company to rent a man-box ($1,000+), a charged camera,  1-gigabyte memory chip, and have at least 2-3 worker’s to be involved in the situation (per OSHA-safety) to get similar footage. Oh, also the weather must be ideal because no one’s volunteering themselves in a 90-foot boom with windy & rainy conditions.

Fast forward 6 year’s later, our company still need’s to charge the camera, have an appropriate memory card, and follow general safety for footage. However, I can assure you there were no 2-3 people involved. In addition, the drone footage was controlled while the operator was in his car (it was raining, yep a millennial pre-madonna).

As someone currently involved witnessing the tide of events, it’s very exciting to see the growing innovation and tools to maximize overall job efficiency. Do I believe all these tech tools are necessary? Absolutely not, because until the robots are laying shingles, installing rolls of underlayment, chasing squirrels out of attic’s, or removing Barbie doll’s out gutter’s, much of roofing specifically requires the human touch. However, in my short life, I’ve learned to never challenge nor bet against the advancement of technology.

Meet “TOTE”  this was our companies first drone (circa 2011)

Old Drone.jpg

“TOTE” was very difficult to control while in the air and if the conditions were less than ideal, get the credit card out and get ready to purchase new propellers! Sadly “TOTE” was sent to the company yard after a bunch of failed attempts & user error. Speed up to 2017, where today’s drone’s self-calibrate, have camera’s built into them (We used plastic snap cords to attach a camera on “TOTE”) and provide current real-time data (height, wind, coordinates). In a mere five years, the overall advancement in this aviation sector has been tremendous for in-flight use & overall cost. Nevertheless, to all our competitor’s and partner’s in the construction industry, these products are much more reliable, can instantly create value for you, and be a hit at your next 4th of July party.

Gone are the days of spending ton’s of cheddar on helicopter aerial photos, lacking project foresight (google earth), and many other project redundancies. We understand the restraint the old construction brass has with implementing/purchasing new technology, which they should do because it’s their MONEY & COMPANIES! It’s up to the current generation to demonstrate how this new technology “CAN” create value, but more importantly “WILL” create value in today’s economy, but more importantly within their specific company.  Sometimes it’s not worth being the first to market with certain technology hence “TOTE”, but you’ll never know the potential if you’re apprehensive and alway’s skeptical.


Quote of the day

“It took me seventeen years to get 3,000 hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course.”     – Hank Aaron






Our Version of Wall E  & EVE

Phantom                                      “TOTE”