10 tools every homeowner should own.

Earlier in the year we discussed practical items that you should own such as duct tape and other items, but this article reviews the 10 most important tools all homeowners should own.

  1. Caulk gun ($7 to $40). There are over 100 types of building product’s that are offered in caulk tubes from mortar joint repair, window caulking, bath tub sealant, roof repairs, and more. What good is a tube of caulk without a gun? This tool can last you over 30+ years and save you $1,000+ from calling handyman’s or contractors for easy seals.
    Caulk gun
  2. 30′ Tape measure ($8 to $30). You will need a tape measure if you’re trying to build a table or see if that new couch will fit! This tool will save you TIME and many headaches. The biggest issue with owning tape measures is that they go “MIA” or get “borrowed” by a friend. Measuring Tape
  3. 8′ Foot Step ladder ($120 to $160). If you find yourself switching lightbulb’s while standing on boxes or routinely changing the smoke alarm batteries then a step ladder is definitely worth it. The highest volume of injuries occur from homeowners falling 6′ or less. Step Ladder
  4. Screw Driver Set ( $15 to $100). Every room in your house has a screw! Investing in a new screw driver set won’t break the bank and you’ll be able use it many times. You’ll find yourself needing a screwdriver for repairs, furniture, light switches, and items you wouldn’t even believe. Screw Driver Set
  5. Stud finder with level ($20 to $40). Find yourself hanging photos, televisions, or a bathroom mirror? This tool is worth their weight in gold and will save you the time from making drywall repairs! Stud Finder
  6. Plier Set ($20 to $45). These are great for all mechancial things and emergency repairs such as plumbing issues, emergency car battery replacement, and about all mechanical items that use nuts and bolts.
    Plier Set
  7. Quality Knife or pocket knife ($15). Perfect for opening boxes, cutting strings, or minute items that need altering. We advise either having one on you or leaving it in your tool box.Pocket knife
  8. Hammer ($12 to $32).  You may never use your hammer, it’s true. However, it’s better to have one on site for when that time comes, because it never happens when you want it. Claw hammer
  9. Cordless Screw Driver ($50 to $140). Everything we mentioned does not require electric other than batteries, but a cordless screw driver will make your life much easier!!!!!! This is the only “power tool” that we believe everyone should own. Cordless Driver
  10. Security camera or tool log ($70 to $$$$). This is a joke. However, be ready for a few of your tools to magically disappear. Whether you’re a hobbyist, emergency repair guy, or contractor we can assure you’ll lose a few tools on the battlefront.


Total father’s day gift ideas


We enjoyed a beautiful day on mother’s day, and wish the same for father’s day!  In addition, we put together a few fathers day gift ideas for dad. Whether he’s the handyman type or an introvert who talks to himself, we got you covered. Maybe your family is not into gift giving, so here’s a few sites to consider cards from bluntcard.com or scribbler.com. 

1. Bradley Smoker® 625W Electric Food Smoker (The cooking dad)

One of the best aspects of warm weather = grilling time! Once this Midwest weather makes up its mind, you can spend time with pops smoking  meat! This featured smoker has over 500 sq. inches for smoking a rack of ribs and vegetables! This is the perfect partner to any gas/charcoal set-up, but even more so with its electric start capabilities. This gift will be the one that keeps giving for years to come!


Company back story: Grilling and cooking is a common thing at the TRC headquarters whether it’s ball game company tailgate, safety day breakfast, and this Friday (May 22nd) our staff will be smoking some Wall-eye from a recent company fishing trip to Ohio!

Company Fishing Trip

Wall-eye fishing on Lake Erie

($219.00 at Menards)

2. Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot $$$ (The handyman type dad)

THE PERFECT tool for any handyman. This ladder can be stowed away in a small closet and without sacrificing storage space. This model allows you to reach 15.5 foot (1 story home, garage storage, light bulbs, and more) and it weighs less than 25 lbs! This might be the perfect addition to leave at your lake house or if dad’s short. Save him the trip from struggling with his 8′ aluminum folding ladder the next time he clean’s the gutters!

Xtend and Climib.jpg

($229.00 on Amazon)

3. 1 Gallon 18 V CORDLESS Air Compressor by RIGID  $$$ (The beach type dad)

They say battery technology is making everyone a big SOFTEE! However, I guarantee the baby-boomers prefer these battery attached devices rather than rummaging for that “one extension cord they seen earlier”! A lot of our installers utilize the new equipment whether its their circuit saws, weed trimmers, leaf blowers, and currently air compressor’s.  The device is practical and easy to transport, also helps save dad from buying a tool he might not personally. Allow him to maintenance his own car tires (save him $2.00 from BP 😉 or bring it on his next trip/beach trip with the kids!

Ridid Air Compressor 2

($189.00 at Home Depot)

4. Google Home  $$$ (The techy dad)

This device almost missed the cut, however it’s a great tool for anyone’s garage or man cave. This device will allow you to play music on command, ask questions about cars, and tell dirty jokes.. The only requirement is a solid WiFi connection. To be honest, the capabilities are endless with this voice in the box as AI gears up.  Don’t allow dad to be alone when you cannot help, allow him to have GOOGLE there. We use ourselves everyday at the office for weather forecasts throughout the Chicago-land and Northwest Indiana areas!

Google Home($129.00 online)

5. Gift Card’s (Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, or the local ACE Hardware) $ to $$$$$ (The dad “that’s tough to shop for dad”)

The obvious go-to. We understand sometimes it’s a lot easier to let pop’s grab the items he needs.

And just remember quality time with your dad will trump any of these presents. However, asking Google Home about recipes as you smoke some ribs is enjoyable too!

Additional Tips:

  1. Great Local Meat Shop for smoking: Rob’s Meat Deli 2123 Northwinds Dr, Dyer, IN 46311
  2. Great gift card shop: CARDPOOL.COM This website is gift card broker, which means you often can get 4 to 10% more in value if you purchase the giftcard on their website.

(BONUS with item 3 every air compressor should come with a pool inflatable)