Helpful Hint’s

The summer officially started but we’ve already experienced hailstorms, thunderstorms, and violent winds throughout the Midwest. At Total Roofing & Construction we believe you should consider making a total storm preparation plan. A storm preparation plan could potentially save you thousands of dollars, but more importantly your life.

1. Create an emergency kit.

The kit should include food (non-perishable) and water: size depends on your family. Other items such as a first-aid kit, portable radio, flashlight, fresh batteries, prescription medication, cash, important phone numbers, and copies of important documents. These recommendations are one’s we’ve identified as important, but there’s many more. The website Relief Pod has pre-made kit’s already put togethr for different scenario’s. Whether you put one together as a family or order one off line we highly recommend doing so.

     Family preparing their safety kit

2. Workplaces and school’s always have a storm action plan, why not your own house?

Devising a plan can be a family activity. Have each family member responsible for a specific task of the plan.  This is also a great time to teach children the do’s and don’ts of weather safety. Things to go over (remember these are suggestions, there’s many more depending on your particular house structure, family, and weather conditions)

a.  Discuss with the family where to find shelter depending on storm threat (tornado, fire, etc.).

b. Who should communicate with relatives during a crisis?

c. Does everyone know where the utilities main switches or valves are?

d. Where’s the emergency kit located?

3. Have you ever drove around and seen branches all over the road?

Maintain your trees and bushes throughout the yard. At Total Roofing we receive numerous calls regarding roof or siding damage caused by fallen branches. Controlling Mother Nature is difficult but minimizing damage is possible. Cutting lingering branches or removing dead trees could save you thousands of dollars! If you notice a problem in your neighbor’s yard let him know.  By addressing a nearby problem you’ll be helping him as well as protecting yourself.

4. Stay tuned to the radio (Use your portable one if the power is out), as well as the television, or personal phones.

5. Complete your own exterior checklist involving your roof, yard, garage, siding, and windows AFTER THE STORM.

This is the best way to ensure a long life for your roof and entire house. If you have any questions contact a local license contractor. It’s common for BBB contractor’s to offer free consultation and provide you an overview of the problem.

At Total Roofing & Construction we hope these tips minimize potential damages to your house and protect your family. If you have questions regarding additional safety methods check out the web or contact your local fire department. Maybe you’ve recently experienced storm damage and need a licensed contractor to take a look. Feel free to give us a call for your free consultation or check us out online at

   These safety suggestions are simply suggestions and do not guarantee protection from all storms. 

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