Insurance Claims

Looking for a general contractor or roofing contractor to assist you? Did a disaster just vandalize your home? Are you frantic or panicking? If so, we don’t blame you, your BIGGEST investment was damaged and you don’t know what to exactly do. You haven’t even filed a claim, but you have 4 companies knocking on your door who are willing to solve your problems, which you don’t even know were problems yet?  Does this sound like you?

Team total is trained and experienced in roof insurance claims. After you contact your adjustor we recommend you contact us. Our project managers will meet your insurance adjusters during the initial inspector and walk along during the inspector. We assist during the initial roof inspection walk through to assure the adjuster does not overlook any items. We understand the process takes time, but our project managers will be there from day one to when your home is completely renovated.

Door Before  Door After                                 Storage Before   Storage Door After

Products we’ve fixed for insurance companies:

Roofs ( asphalt shingles, EPDM, TPO), Fascia, Soffit, Windows, Doors, Siding, Mailboxes, Electrical boxes, Screened patio doors, Garage doors, Drywall, Painting, Carpet, Metal exhaust units, air conditioner units, & more. Depending on your policy and the objects that are covered in your insurance, we can assist you.

Insurance Claim Process:

First step:

  • Contact insurance holder (Set-up inspection date)
  • Contact Total Roofing (Inform us about adjusters inspection)

Second Step:

  • Complete inspection and await insurance line items they’ll cover
  • Allow Total Roofing to review line items to make sure their not leaving items out.
    • Common roofing products get left out: Ice and water shield, caulk, & more

Third Step

  • Send revised items from Total Roofing to insurance company
  • Await changes.

Fourth Step

  • Get the ok from insurance and decide on the scope of work to get completed
  • Review TRC’s contract and move forward to setting a date for project.

Fifth step

  • Job is completed and final invoice is sent to insurance company.
  • You’re happy with the overall turn-out of the project.

Side  Wall Paneling

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