American Red Cross

The American Red Cross depends on public support for help. This organization has existed since 1881 and  created to help wounded soldiers following the Civil War. Over a hundred and thirty years have passed since it’s inception. Still today this organization is flourishing and has responded to approximately over 70,000 disasters in the United States every year. Majority of these disasters are the result the environment (tornado, earthquakes, tsunami, and hurricanes).

The American Red Cross is most well-known for their blood drives through out the United States. In fact over 40% of America’s blood supply is provided from RED CROSS.  American Red Cross is a world class organization and at Total Roofing & Construction we believe in program’s like this. If your company or yourself is striving to make a difference check out their webpage on way’s to assist. There’s so many way’s to help this organization as well communities regardless of trade or talent’s.

American Redcross

Way’s you can get involved:

-Give blood


-Get involved with a group or program

-Donate (Online, Text, Phone, Monthly, corporate?\

-Be a 21st century social media pioneer by simply share stories or tweet’s about the Redcross


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10 tools every homeowner should own.

Earlier in the year we discussed practical items that you should own such as duct tape and other items, but this article reviews the 10 most important tools all homeowners should own.

  1. Caulk gun ($7 to $40). There are over 100 types of building product’s that are offered in caulk tubes from mortar joint repair, window caulking, bath tub sealant, roof repairs, and more. What good is a tube of caulk without a gun? This tool can last you over 30+ years and save you $1,000+ from calling handyman’s or contractors for easy seals.
    Caulk gun
  2. 30′ Tape measure ($8 to $30). You will need a tape measure if you’re trying to build a table or see if that new couch will fit! This tool will save you TIME and many headaches. The biggest issue with owning tape measures is that they go “MIA” or get “borrowed” by a friend. Measuring Tape
  3. 8′ Foot Step ladder ($120 to $160). If you find yourself switching lightbulb’s while standing on boxes or routinely changing the smoke alarm batteries then a step ladder is definitely worth it. The highest volume of injuries occur from homeowners falling 6′ or less. Step Ladder
  4. Screw Driver Set ( $15 to $100). Every room in your house has a screw! Investing in a new screw driver set won’t break the bank and you’ll be able use it many times. You’ll find yourself needing a screwdriver for repairs, furniture, light switches, and items you wouldn’t even believe. Screw Driver Set
  5. Stud finder with level ($20 to $40). Find yourself hanging photos, televisions, or a bathroom mirror? This tool is worth their weight in gold and will save you the time from making drywall repairs! Stud Finder
  6. Plier Set ($20 to $45). These are great for all mechancial things and emergency repairs such as plumbing issues, emergency car battery replacement, and about all mechanical items that use nuts and bolts.
    Plier Set
  7. Quality Knife or pocket knife ($15). Perfect for opening boxes, cutting strings, or minute items that need altering. We advise either having one on you or leaving it in your tool box.Pocket knife
  8. Hammer ($12 to $32).  You may never use your hammer, it’s true. However, it’s better to have one on site for when that time comes, because it never happens when you want it. Claw hammer
  9. Cordless Screw Driver ($50 to $140). Everything we mentioned does not require electric other than batteries, but a cordless screw driver will make your life much easier!!!!!! This is the only “power tool” that we believe everyone should own. Cordless Driver
  10. Security camera or tool log ($70 to $$$$). This is a joke. However, be ready for a few of your tools to magically disappear. Whether you’re a hobbyist, emergency repair guy, or contractor we can assure you’ll lose a few tools on the battlefront.


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