American Red Cross

The American Red Cross depends on public support for help. This organization has existed since 1881 and  created to help wounded soldiers following the Civil War. Over a hundred and thirty years have passed since it’s inception. Still today this organization is flourishing and has responded to approximately over 70,000 disasters in the United States every year. Majority of these disasters are the result the environment (tornado, earthquakes, tsunami, and hurricanes).

The American Red Cross is most well-known for their blood drives through out the United States. In fact over 40% of America’s blood supply is provided from RED CROSS.  American Red Cross is a world class organization and at Total Roofing & Construction we believe in program’s like this. If your company or yourself is striving to make a difference check out their webpage on way’s to assist. There’s so many way’s to help this organization as well communities regardless of trade or talent’s.

American Redcross

Way’s you can get involved:

-Give blood


-Get involved with a group or program

-Donate (Online, Text, Phone, Monthly, corporate?\

-Be a 21st century social media pioneer by simply share stories or tweet’s about the Redcross



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Isn’t this covered by insurance?

A question you might be asking yourself or a local contractor “isn’t this covered by insurance?”

You are not alone! We deal with this question with many clients during the initial consultation and property inspection. Unfortunately, through our experience the items discussed are often left off or exempted from homeowner’s policies. This is one of the reasons we preach that you not only renew but “review” your policy annually.

Northfield Saltdome

Why is this such a popular question?

  1. Homeowner’s lack a thorough understanding of their particular policy
  2. Homeowner’s are not equipped nor competent in home maintenance
  3. Realities of economics (home improvement can be expensive)
  4. Their neighbors received free roofs or a family friend did
  5. Question’s help solve their answers

In the past we’ve discussed the general flow of the claims process. Everything from calling in the claim, receiving bids, meeting an adjuster, requesting a second adjuster, meeting an engineer, supplementing items, and more.

So what do I do? 

Call us first! The project manager’s at Total Roofing are versatile in their abilities to diagnosis visual damage, review scopes of work, gather storm data, coordinate adjuster appointment’s, and provide you with a confident answer as to that question  “Is this covered by insurance?” We will not force or coerce you into making an insurance claim nor use our positional power to wrongly advise you to do as such. We’re professional’s in knowing our products, but we ask you to be diligent in knowing your policy and deductible!

giphy (1).gif

Face it, the insurances safe practice of getting “3 estimates” after you call your agent does make a homeowner believe their roof is covered. However, we’ve seen where this was not true. We believe these are unethical practices from a contractor’s point of view, because when they dispatch their adjuster (generally after they see the cost of the potential repairs), there’s still a chance the roof won’t be covered due to their findings.


Gather the appropriate facts about your problem. For instance, how old is the product that is under review or underperforming? Do you remember when it was replaced or installed? When was the last time that it was maintenance? I ask these questions not to make you feel inadequate, but to understand the possible cause for that underperformance.

A few questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is it a newer product?  Maybe covered under a service warranty or workmanship Warranty
  2. Is it an older product & failing?  Exceeded it’s life expectancy or not under warranty.
  3. What type of product? Possible product recalls or discontinued?

giphy (2).gif

These questions might allow you indemnify the issue, without even contacting your insurance, because maybe it’s a faulty install, lackluster product, or aged beyond repair. I’m not stating these to avoid an insurance claim, but to make you ask the right questions. Do you remember a hail storm in the last 2 years, because if you don’t, then why are you making a claim? We are not a company that believes in making claims for the hope of getting “money from heaven.” We only suggest it if there’s apparent wind damage, hail, or etc.  We’ve worked on many properties where neighbors have received full payouts and their neighbor only received one section  (3% deductible too!). Our tip of advice don’t always try to “keep up with the Jones,” but ask them questions too!






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