American Red Cross

The American Red Cross depends on public support for help. This organization has existed since 1881 and  created to help wounded soldiers following the Civil War. Over a hundred and thirty years have passed since it’s inception. Still today this organization is flourishing and has responded to approximately over 70,000 disasters in the United States every year. Majority of these disasters are the result the environment (tornado, earthquakes, tsunami, and hurricanes).

The American Red Cross is most well-known for their blood drives through out the United States. In fact over 40% of America’s blood supply is provided from RED CROSS.  American Red Cross is a world class organization and at Total Roofing & Construction we believe in program’s like this. If your company or yourself is striving to make a difference check out their webpage on way’s to assist. There’s so many way’s to help this organization as well communities regardless of trade or talent’s.

American Redcross

Way’s you can get involved:

-Give blood


-Get involved with a group or program

-Donate (Online, Text, Phone, Monthly, corporate?\

-Be a 21st century social media pioneer by simply share stories or tweet’s about the Redcross



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1 property inspection might secure you an $88,000 insurance claim.

This past week we began installing a new GAF TPO roofing system that we performed maintenance on and performed a periodical roof inspection. We documented the photos and reports in 2015 for our clients. On July 7th 2017 hail damage occurred, but no member walked onto the roof until the following fall (Face it, how many people walk their roofs?). Insurance claim gets filed. The insurance provider denies the claim and affixed the damage to a 2013 date of loss (Passed their filing statute of limitations). Everyone’s confused.

Beecher, Illinois 4.jpg

Phone rings!
The next week we dive into our archives to retrieve our report. We contacted the insurance company and provided our photos and reports that contradicted this “2013 date of loss” finding. Alongside our reports, the clients also had a licensed home inspector review the property. Both reports and NO MENTION OF HAIL nor visual damage noted in the roofing membranes. Upon further review and months of back/forth the insurance organizations eventually agreed to an $88,000 insurance claim settlement.

Something so simple
These inspections often are free estimates and allow you to have a 1st hand account on present issues, concerns, or longevity of the existing products. In addition, to providing you with an honest record, it does the same for your insurance provider. We understand they’ll use their own insurance “reporting” system, but we never recommend relying on the insurance providers to make that decision!

The true costs for our clients homeowners:
1 service repair call – Illinois unlimited licensed roofing contractor (Free Estimate)
1 property inspection – Illinois licensed home inspection ($350.00)

So what’s necessary? 


A lot of times insurance companies will review your property 2 times during your relationship. The 1st inspection occurs during your initial insurance premium review. The 2nd time often during an insurance claim.  It’s common for these inspections to occur 5 to 15 years apart if damage never strikes your property.


What you can do?

  1. Call licensed contractor to perform a property report (Annually) -$350.00
  2. Get a home inspection (Every 5 years) – $350 to $750
  3. Become familiar with storm damage such as hail, wind, & etc. and perform the inspections in-house. Free – Cost of the ladder.
  4. Notify your insurance provider anytime you make significant upgrades to your exterior products (Roof, siding, windows, & anything else) and keep receipts of the MANUFACTURER <- In case they get damaged.
    Glenwood, Illinois.jpg


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