Emergency Tarping

The midwest has been getting destroyed by severe weather and the demand for temporary fixes have rose. Polar vortexes, blizzards, hail storms, tornadoes, & more have been plundering your homes. We’ve tarped houses since our company was formed. Additionally, we offer discounted services if you KNOWINGLY agree for us to complete the repair or re-roof.  However, before you contact us please glance over the five step tarp analysis.

Tarped Roof    Tarp

Five step tarp analysis

  1. Determine severity of leak (Blown off shingle?)
  2. Estimate cause of leak (Hailstorm, old roof, etc.)
  3. Prepare buckets & move belongings to avoid further damage inside your home
  4. Contact your insurance company
    • Ask insurance holder questions regarding tarping your roof.  Inform them of the current issue and ask about payment coverage.
    • WARNING, your insurance company may inform you to call for a tarp, however please understand that tarping a roof will compromise the roof where the tarp is located. It will direct the water away from the leak, but by tarping a roof is a quick-fix method.
  5. If given the ok, contact us.
    • Our service technicians will be dispatched
      • Take photos for you, insurance company, & complete a roof inspection


*(Portage, Indiana was hit with a severe hail storm in 2014 and many clients called regarding roofing systems.  These clients stated they had companies offer to tarp their house for free, later to discover they unknowingly signed a binding contract for them to complete the future home renovation. So, please be cautious of such storm chaser/fly by night organizations. Contact your INSURANCE HOLDER first. Our company does not participate in these roofing antics. We recommend asking for recommended vendors or research the web.)

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