Roof Warranties

Our #1 goal is assuring that your property is receving the best product & workmanship warranties. Since 1985 we’ve honored all our warranties and stand by our workmanship warranties.

Roof Warranties

Our #1 goal is assuring that your property is receving the best product & workmanship warranties. Since 1985 we’ve honored all our warranties and stand by our workmanship warranties.

Our industry-wide relationship’s allow us to offer you “extended warranties” through the manufacturers!

These warranties can only be offered through Certified or Master level contractors chosen by the manufacturer. We provided examples of the most popular in the industry! We offer numerous types of warranties (commercial, new construction, etc.) that can accommodate any property owner.

As an Owen’s Corning Platinum Contractor & GAF Masterelite contractor we have the ability to offer extended warranties. These warranties are above and beyond the 97% of the competitors in the industry. These warranties are backed by the largest manufacturers in North America and the most reputable brands in the roofing field.

A few of  Extended Warranties

GAF System’s Plus

GAF Sliver Pledge Warranty

GAF Golden Pledge Warranty A lifetime coverage period, 50 year 100% up-front coverage period and voers roofing system along with the cost of installation. It comes with a 25 year-100% coverage period and comes with a 40-point factory inspection by GAF inspector. Warranty is transferable.

Owens Corning Preferred Warranty

Owens Corning Platinum Warranty






Notes from the NRCA (National Roofing Contractor’s Association)

We recommend you focus on choosing the best contractor you can, First. By selecting an appropiate contractor you can select a trusted source to walk you through the warranties and product selection. It is true that today’s roofing systems are more superior than ones installed years ago. Today’s state-of-the-art roof systems installed is a testimony to years of research and pressure from outside agencies (insurance companies) to improve exterior products. Manufacturers are fine tuning and adjusting their warranties as their products advance in durability, strength, and quality.

Don’t make the roof system warranty your primary focus when selecting a roofing system. A great warranty does not benefit you if the roofing contractor does a faulty or inadequate job installing the product. However, chose a roof system that is based on the product’s quality and expectations of the project. A long-term warranty will be of little value if it does not perform to the levels you expect it. In addition, if the roof system is designed, constructed, and manufactured well, then the expense of purchasing the warranty may not be necessary.

The roofing industry has made extended warranties sound as all-inclusive insurance policies designed to cover virtually any roofing problem regardless of the cause. A material-only warranty typically provides only that the manufacturer will provide replacement material. Be cautious that a lot of warranty documents contain restrictive provisions that limit the liability and consumer’s remedies in the wake of issues.

Roofing consumers are best served by manufactureres who focus on teaching you about quality systems that are designed to serve your needs rather than a warranty that does.


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