Our History

It all started "By the Sea"

The play “By the Sea” played a pivotal role in the development of Total Roofing and Construction Services, Inc. Gregory Cooper founder and current president was the superintendent for University of Chicago’s roofing project when he requested for the day off to attend his daughter’s kindergarten play. Informed that taking a day off was not possible and would be fired if absent, that afternoon Gregory quit and attended the recital.


After attending his daughter’s play he decided to start his own company.  In 1986, the company was formed to provide income and the flexibility to raise his family. Greg’s experience as a roofing apprentice and union journeyman provided him the skill, experience, and knowledge for installing a quality roofing system.

The first office was his quint house in Dolton, IL. Company phone was his home number and all the roofing equipment was stored near the back of the house. After developing a local reputation and numerous clients he relocated to a retrofitted office building in Thornton, IL.

That building was the old Thornton brewery, a famous Al Capone hangout spot. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s to-do projects included: World Music Amphitheatre (Now-First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre), Alpine Valley Music Amphitheatre, Intercontinental Chicago Hotel, Westin Hotel Chicago, and other high raises that required a bigger workforce and warehouse. In 2000, operations moved from the old Thornton Brewery building to an old restaurant in Dolton, IL. The founder grew up one block away from today’s location, but chose it for proximity to service the Chicagoland and the Northwest Indiana region.

Today, the kids are grown up and involved in all aspects of Total Roofing & Construction, Inc. from project managing, administrative assistants, safety, marketing, and sales. Anyone you contact from our operation is as committed too residential and commercial roofing as the president. As the next generation begins transitioning over responsibilities many of our founding principles and workmanship remain the same. Our confidence to provide you a quality roofing system stems from because of our result in the past and belief in the future.


Safety First

Did you know that roofing is one of the top 10 most dangerous job’s in the United States? Every year our company furthers our in-house training program’s, safety expectations, and construction equipment to create a safe working environment.

Safety is critical to each project! However, commercial projects present numerous obstacles due to their overall size and potential for error. The Total Team has taken a proactive stance in enhancing our safety standards.  Team Total experienced no life threatening or serious injuries throughout the calendar year. This year our goal is to repeat with no serious injuries. We believe improving our safety protocols and fall protection manual is key to these goals.

We’ve instituted the standard safety accountability system to improve safety within all aspects of the Total Roofing & Construction Services workplace. This system allows us to enhance communication in the construction workplace, limit potential injuries, follow governmental regulations, and creates personal accountability, which creates a safer environment for all.

Total Safety Training

Fall Protection Classes

OSHA Training Seminars

Regular Job Monitoring

CPR & First Aid Training

Monthly Safety Discussions

Equipment Checks



Total Roofing and Construction is equipped to handle all commercial projects. Our project managers have experience in project sizes from storage garages to Chicago high rises. We are a full service commercial roofing company that services Illinois and northwest Indiana. As we have been for the last 30 years, we continue to be fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Duro Last

1978 the year Duro-Last was created. The creator of Duro-Last roofing used his experience using pool liners to create the largest pre-fabricated roofing system. To solve the pressing roofing issues John Burt believed if he eliminated labor errors there’d be less leaks. Today, all Duro-Last roofs are manufactured in-house and are built under ideal conditions. Installation time decreases because of the roof getting prebuilt. Duro-Last is now the world’s largest manufacturer for prefabricated roofs.

Owens Corning was started in 1930 after a failed experiment, which leads to their popular pink insulation. The production of OC fiberglass set the precedent for insulation in both commercial and residential industries. Owen’s Corning organization is more than an insulation company and has been instrumental in product development for WWII, Chevrolet, NASA space program, and the roofs above your head.


Mr. Koschitizky created IKO building product’s after his family’s roofing plant shut down. To decrease consumer cost, a family company believed controlling the manufacturing process would do that. IKO has been creating quality asphalt shingles and roofing products for 60 years. The ability to control each step of product production allows them to create quality-made shingles. IKO has manufacturing plants in Canada, United States, and Europe.


TAMKO was founded in 1944, TAMKO was started in Joplin, Missouri inside a barn by E.L. Craig. The founder named the company after the five states he anticipated as his sales territory (Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Ohio). TAMKO continues to be located where it started in Joplin, MO. They emerged as primarily a shingle company and over the years have introduced commercial products such as their SBS0modifed bitumen in 1977.


In, 1904, George M. Brown created the company in East St. Louis. After 80 years the subsidiary of Saint-Gobain purchased the company. CertainTeed roofing products is well known for their low and steep slope roofing products. In addition to their line of roofing products they manufacture siding, railing, insulation, pipe, and more. CertainTeed production is located in North America and is known as a premiere shingle.


Firestone Building products are an extension of their famous tire brand. Located in Indianapolis, IN, Firestone creates low-slope roof materials. In the last decade they have created green roofing systems and vegetative roofing systems. Firestone products are known as durable and long-lasting products.

Johns Mansville

John Mansville has a rich history throughout the roofing industry. The company first produced shingles 150 years ago and now is a Berkshire Hathaway company. Began producing shingles and today manufacture premium building materials for industrial and commercial usage. Production takes place throughout North America, Europe, and China.

James Hardie founded the company a 100 years ago. He started his company in Australia by trading oil and skins. James Hardie sold his business and it wasn’t until 1980’s that their famous fiber-cement product Hardie board was created. Originally developed and manufactured in Australia, until industry demand increased. Today JamesHardie only produces their famous Fiber-cement boards and they’re manufactured throughout the world.