Weather Damage

Hail Damage

Did you know many homeowners don’t realize the significance of hail damage to their homes? Hail regardless of its size will shorten the life cycle of your roofing system products. Damage is damage, whether your home is newly built or over 100 years old. That’s why it’s important to align yourself with a trusted, local roofing contractor experienced with the insurance restoration process. Our staff of roof contractors is trained to perform emergency services in high-impact areas such as: replacing damaged shingles, tarp protection, board up, and emergency roofing repairs.

Wind Damage

We understand you seek prompt and efficient attention during your emergency roofing situation. We will perform the necessary roof repairs and roof  dry in techniques to secure your roof. We offer a variety of services in wind damage  scenarios from replacing damaged shingles, tarp protection, board up, and  emergency roofing repairs.

Weather Damage

We have been a state-licensed contractor in the same town since 1985. Our goal is to maintain a high level of service whether you’re a retail customer or an insurance claimant. That’s why our project managers are specifically trained in insurance systems to help maximize your restoration and assist you throughout the entire project.

Our project managers have a thorough understanding of the entire storm damage process and will work hand-in-hand with your insurance. We request one thing: patience, since insurance claims may be settled in many weeks. The average restoration estimate we’ve assisted with, has increased from 20% to 100% in most cases for our clients. This increase is due to our specific storm training, knowing local/federal building codes, and correctly installing the new materials. In addition, we have worked with all major insurance providers: All-State, State Farm, Farmers, CHUBB, GEICO, and many more policy providers.

Hail Storms

Strong Winds (Tornado-like episodes)

Destructive Objects (Trees, Poles, Satellites, or Acts of God)


Each roof deteriorates gradually due to normal weather conditions even if they’re designed to withstand elements such as sun, rain, snow, wind, tear. The listed storm-damaging events above are more severe because Mother Nature is unpredictable. The past few years have brought forth hailstorms, tornados (Washington, IL), and snowstorms with over 60 inches. We recommend you follow the RPG plan for roof maintenance.

Roof Replacement

If the temporary repairs won’t enhance the long-term longevity of your home,  our staff will notify you. We will assist you through the insurance claim process to ensure your home gets the roofing system it needs. The best recommendation for homeowners is to remain patient during this process. The team total is trained,  certified, and focused on providing the best service during this traumatic experience.

Pauline H

You can tell alot about a company by the employees they hire. TRC is a company of integrity. The project manager, Peter, came out and walked us through every detail of a new roof, siding and windows. He and His crew came out and completely transformed our home and when they were finished there wasn’t a trace that a total house facelift just happened except for the beauty they left behind. They are hard working, honest, dependable and always respectful.

M. Aspan

Was totally impressed from the beginning visit to discuss replacing my roof to the final minute that the trucks left my property. Personnel were informative and caring in addition to giving me a good price that I could work with. The construction crew arrived ready to work and they sure did! Worked very hard for a day and a half and when they left, you couldn’t even tell they had replaced a roof because they were so thorough in their clean-up. Plus, the roof looks wonderful–matches the neighboring roofs in our community. Thank You, Total Roofing!

D. Brucker

Thanks for working with me on getting my skylight removed from my townhome. I appreciate your flexibility with scheduling the work and the quality of the work your crew did.

Emergency Roof Tarps

We provide emergency tarping services for residential and commercial properties. Our on-call service technicians are trained and experienced in all weather-related tarping.

Warning: Tarping service is a quick-fix solution for a leaking or damaged roof in emergency situations (hail damage, blown-off shingles, etc). We don’t suggest having a tarped roof for more than 2 weeks. However, when tarping a roof you may compromise the integrity of the roofing system. The compromise occurs when installing the tarp brackets, which are anchored with roofing nails. Roofing nails may damage quality shingles that were unaffected by the storm and unrelated to the issue at hand.


Property Management Roof Program

We understand product lifecycles and our property maintenance division is focused on assisting clients that are not ready or might not need a new roof. Our maintenance technicians and multi-family specialists can give you professional advice and proactive ways to position yourself in a win-win situation.