Rebuilding the Community

Since 1986 team total has given away over 76 roofing systems to veterans, locals, and seniors.

A partnership we pride ourselves at Total Roofing is our Habitat For Humanity partnership. Every year we assist a local Chicago and Northwest Indiana build.

Total Roofing's combined effort in helping a south Chicago veteran with getting a new roofing project.

Our craftsmen installing a new roofing system for a veteran in Chicago Heights, Illinois. This project was part of the Owen's Corning Roof Deployment Project and they've donated over 400 roofing systems as of 2023!

Community Initiatives

Operation Total Protection(JPEG)

We believe our mission is larger than rebuilding the community, but also supporting those within it at their craft. As part of our Operation Total Protection, we seek ways to enhance the local community members.  Here is a list of programs, organizations, or projects we are supporting as they also make an impact to our community with their craft.

In 2023 we partnered with Josh Mach the founder of the organization Make Veterans Great Again. Its his mission to help combat the Veteran suicide rate. The podcast helps not only raise awareness about the high rate of Veteran suicide, but each podcast also helps a Veteran by having a conversation with said Veteran. Sharing stories and reminding the Veteran that they are not alone in their struggles.


You can listen to the interview's on the hyperlink below or learn more at

Fathers Day Classic - Schererville, Indiana

We hosted our 3rd annual Father's Day Classic in Schererville, Indiana. This is one of our fundraisers to help raise funds for our Veteran roofing replacements projects and it brings the community together in Northwest Indiana. We have over 50 to 100 cars show up and it's a great event for car lovers!