Getting You Heated?

Does 20% off your current air-conditioning bill make that mortgage payment sound more pleasant? Those high bills correlate directly with your insulation. A home with outdated or ineffective insulation is costing you money. One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable year-around is to add insulation to your attic.

Team Total’s specialized project managers will guide you through the entire installation process. Our goal is to educate you on the product and most importantly the installation process. We believe the more you understand the product above the easier you’ll sleep below.

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Questions to Ask Yourself Regarding Your Home’s Insulation:

Are you happy with your energy bills?

Do you find yourself complaining about noise?

When was the last time you insulated your home? (Around 20 percent of houses built prior to 1980 are up to current code standard)

Are you uncomfortably cold in the winter or extremely hot during the summer? (The more you control the insulating barrier the more it allows you to handle the seasonal weather)

Insulation Types

Roll Insulation

This type of product is made from mineral fibers, such as fiberglass and rock wool. It’s typically offered in widths for standard spacings, such as 2×4 (wall studs) and 2×6 (wall studs). The average R-value wall studs and attic or floor joists can hold is between R-13 to R-21 products.

Price: $

Blown-in Insulation (Cellulose)

Blown-in insulation is a combination of fiberglass, rockwool, or cellulose (lower quality mixture). They come in two different forms either loose fibers or fiber pellets. Our insulation team uses a pneumatic equipment thats only used for these products. The material can easily form into the cavities and attics. This type of product is ideal for difficult to reach places as attics, existing walls, and new development.

Price: $$

Rigid Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is more expensive than the common fiber barriers. However, it’s cost is because of it’s quality and effectiveness. Rigid foam is an excellent choice for areas with space limitations and where higher R-value is necessary. We install rigid foam board often around ceiling light fixtures, attic doors, attic furnishings (ductwork, furnaces). The R-value is predetermined by each inch of rigid foam that is used. Heavily recommend in the midwest.

Price: $$$

Where Does All That Air Go?

Recessed Light

Attic Entrance

Still Plates

Water & Furnace Flues

All Ducts

Chimney Flashing

Door Frames

Window Frames

Outlets & Switches

Pauline H

You can tell alot about a company by the employees they hire. TRC is a company of integrity. The project manager, Peter, came out and walked us through every detail of a new roof, siding and windows. He and His crew came out and completely transformed our home and when they were finished there wasn’t a trace that a total house facelift just happened except for the beauty they left behind. They are hard working, honest, dependable and always respectful.

M. Aspan

Was totally impressed from the beginning visit to discuss replacing my roof to the final minute that the trucks left my property. Personnel were informative and caring in addition to giving me a good price that I could work with. The construction crew arrived ready to work and they sure did! Worked very hard for a day and a half and when they left, you couldn’t even tell they had replaced a roof because they were so thorough in their clean-up. Plus, the roof looks wonderful–matches the neighboring roofs in our community. Thank You, Total Roofing!

D. Brucker

Thanks for working with me on getting my skylight removed from my townhome. I appreciate your flexibility with scheduling the work and the quality of the work your crew did.