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We are aware of the variety of solar roofing panels in the industry. Through our research and exclusive partnerships with the largest roofing manufacturer in North America we’ve concluded that the GAF Decotech System is one of the industries best solar roofing panel system options for residential steep-slope roofing systems.

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We have over 35 years of installing roofing systems with an extensive relationship with the largest manufacturers, contractors, and local municipalities. Our manufacturer allows us to provide both a roofing & solar warranty with their solar system that works hand in hand. We are not a roofing company, but really a
systems company. We believe our complete systems and thorough understanding of the complete roof replacement will allow you to maximize the ROI of purchasing a solar installation.

Total Roofing and Construction has been installing the leading building product systems since the 1980’s. We’ve seen the latest and greatest building product innovations in our 35 years history, and realized many of these can’t miss products have went out of business. Fast-forward to 2020 and we believe solar roof systems and rooftop solar panels are now a legitimate conversation for the everyday businesses and homeowners during their roof replacement process.

Solar Roof Installation

Why Consider Total Roofing & Construction for Your Solar Project?

  • The Overall Cost: We believe today’s technology and research/development from the largest solar manufacturers has brought the cost down for the everyday consumer. We will not recommend an overpriced, low value product to any of our trusted clients. It’s taken the industry 35 years for solar roof systems to enter reasonable price range for a select group of consumers.
  • Government Support: The state and federal government has been supporting the solar industry the last decade. Over the last decade Illinois and fellow Midwest states have created Solar Energy Credits to offset the investment.
  • Largest Roofing Manufacturer: The largest roofing manufacturer in North America released their own solar roofing panel system and more are following suite. We realized our name has been built on the combination of quality products and service. If the largest roofing manufacturer and one of our trusted partners of water shedding products is investing in solar than we should too.
Solar Panel Installation

What Our Clients Say

Tony was awesome to deal with and very professional.

Dario Dostal 4 months ago

I picked TRC because they are so highly rated in the area. I had several issues with a previous company and had to switch. TRC very much lived up to their rating. Brett came out…

Marcus H 4 months ago

I used this company for gutter, soffit & fascia insallation. Tony was the lead from estmate to completion, he communicated all through the process and stayed true to his word. His crew were very efficient…

Dave Schaeflein 4 months ago

very professional great quality never disappoints.

Gabriella Mendoza 4 months ago

From the 1st call to the final invoice, Phillip and his team were 1st rate. In time where the service industry seems to be lacking in customer service, Total Roofing were absolute pros. 5 stars…

Mike Meadows 4 months ago

Total Roofing, Gary and his team were amazing. The professionalism and the care they took with replacing my roof, gutters and gutter guards was exceptional. I am very happy with my new roof. It is…

Deborah Barnett 5 months ago

The quality of the work performed and the materials used was impressive. The workmen were experienced and capable. Any concern was addressed with satisfaction. I am very satisfied with the results of my garage siding…

Barbara Kruk 5 months ago

Solar Removal

Residential and commercial solar systems have been getting installed for over 40 years. Maybe you are purchasing a property with an existing solar system or need a new roofing system installed. Our staff of professional installers of solar and roofing products can remove these systems in safe and proper ways. A key way to minimize costs and home improvement is with proactive maintenance.

The average solar system has a lifespan of 15 years, which means a variety of existing solar systems are either non-operational or have exceed their product lifecycle. Items to considers is that the more penetrations or flashings in a roofing system the potential issues (leaks). The sooner you correct these issues with either continual roofing maintenance or removal the faster you may prevent serious water damage. If you have questions or concerns, please set an appointment with our project manager and a member of team total will contact you.

Solar Removal

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