Emergency Tarping and Boardups

The Greater Chicago Area and Northwestern Indiana

Emergency Tarping and Board-Up Services

We all want our homes to be disaster-free to avoid the distress caused by severe damage. Storms and floods are unavoidable, but when they strike your home, you can take a few steps to minimize damage to the roofs, windows and doors. Securing your house also prevents water from reaching your furniture, electronics and other valuable items.

We provide emergency tarping and board-up services to Chicagoland and Northwestern Indiana residents. Our services help lock out potential intruders as well. You get peace of mind while waiting for your insurance company to assess the damage and send contractors to restore broken materials in your home.

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Emergency Roof Tarping

When Do You Need Roof Tarping and Board-Up Services?

You need roof tarping and board-up services when you face harsh weather conditions or sudden emergencies that leave significant aftermath behind. Call our team when your home experiences:

  • Roof leaks due to a storm: Our team accesses the holes on your roof and covers them with tarping to create a seal that prevents water from entering your attic.
  • Soaked floors and drywall: We board up the walls to protect them from falling off until the water dries up allowing you to repair weak materials.
  • Holes due to a fire: We close off the holes to ward off burglars, pests and wild animals.
  • Accident damages: If a car or tree falls on your house, leaving significant damage, our team members will cover the disfigured areas.
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Storm Damage Assessment and Repair

Settling after a severe storm can be stressful when you don’t know where to start. Our team members will assess the damage to your home and determine the resources needed to put things back in order. We will evaluate your home at no cost to avoid further financial strain.

If you have insurance for your home, we can help you with the process of placing a claim. Our professionals have experience helping homeowners in Indiana receive insurance compensation that equips them to cover unforeseen expenses. Our friendly team will work with you to explain the steps of placing a claim. Please ask our employees if you have questions about the process and how to approach your insurer for fast compensation.

Residential and Commercial Board-Up Services

At Total Roofing and Construction, we’ve invested in equipment and employees to respond to emergencies, enabling our team to serve simple homes and complex commercial buildings. Our company partners with roofing suppliers that uphold high standards and create products with materials that last for years without experiencing unnecessary damage.

We’re a family-owned business that cares about our customers. Our technicians care about restoring our client’s homes and being friendly while maintaining the strong values that enable us to provide professional services. That’s why we can handle big projects — we leverage a streamlined process that helps us raise the standards of our services.

Emergency Tarping

Contact Us for Damage Restoration Services

We can help you reduce emotional and financial stress in times of emergencies. Contact our support team to learn how we can secure your roof, walls and windows from experiencing more damage.

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