Velux Skylights

Velux Skylights

Velux is a leading provider and manufacturer of skylights and roof windows. Founded in 1941, Velux has been in the business of skylights and roof windows for over 80 years, owning over 2000 patents and designs that have made them an industry leader and innovator in the space. They are passionate about brining natural daylight and fresh air into people’s homes, helping raise the standard and quality of living across the world.

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Velux Skylights

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Velux Products Offered By TRC

Total Roofing and Construction is your #1 stop for Velux products in Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland Area. Velux offers a wide variety of products to increase the natural light and airflow into your home.

Skylights – From simple fixed skylights to solar powered skylights that open and close via remote control, this is your go to product to get beautiful natural light into your living space. Want to improve the flow of fresh air into your home? Consider one of three options with Velux Solar Powered, Electric Powered, or Manual Skylights. Worried about the harsh sun in the peak of summer? Consider adding skylight shades to block out sunlight at the height of warm days.

Sun Tunnel® Skylight – A cost effective way to bring natural light into your home, Sun Tunnel Skylights from Velux utilize specially designed tunnels that stretch from roof to ceiling to funnel the light of the sun into areas you would like more sunlight. Engineered to last and withstand the elements, a Sun Tunnel Skylight is a more affordable option to bring natural light into your life.

Commercial Skylights – Have a warehouse, factory, or commercial space? Velux offers a wide variety of products for all of your commercial building needs including Dome Unit Skylights, Glass Unit Skylights, Structural Skylights, Canopy Systems and more.

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The “No Leak Skylight” Promise

Velux deck and curb mounted skylights are known as the “No Leak Skylight”, offering a 10 year installation warranty plus 20 years for the glass, 10 years on the product, and 5 years on any extra shades or powered controls. This is all thanks to Velux’s patented Deck Seal Technology system that incorporates 3 layers of water protection: deck seal, underlayment and flashing.

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Total Roofing and Construction is a Velux Certified Installer, meaning we have backing from the manufacturer that our installation of Velux Skylights meets their strict requirements. Our team has been trained in best installation practices to ensure your skylight installation meets the highest standard and ultimately protects your home.

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