Property Management and Multi-family Services

Property Management and Multi-family Services

Are you part of a Homeowner Associations, Condominium, Apartments, or possibly a complex investment firm? Then you are on the right page! We have over 37+ years servicing the multi-family clientele from daily repairs, complex renovations, and multi-million dollar insurance restorations.

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Property Management and Multi-family Services

Service 1: Property Maintenance

The best way to maintain your HOA’s reserves is by a pro-active maintenance plan and conducting regular repairs. Our project managers will assist can provide a property game plan to keep those small issues – small.

Property Maintenance

Service 2: Phased Renovation

In today’s economy, building materials, labor, and inflation have only gone up. A great way to minimize depleting your funds is with a staged renovations such as 2 to 4 year complex renovations. Our team will assist you with comprising a worst to best along side property consultation.

Phased Renovation

Service 3: Entire Complex Renovation

Housing projects built in the 1990’s or before are in need of having serious construction upgrades. Our history of having a strong supplier relationships, accountable craftsman, leading manufacturer accolades, and top warranties make us a fit to undertake such projects.

Entire Complex Renovation

Service 4: Insurance Restoration

Total Roofing has been doing multi-family and property management for over 37 years but also an established track record with large-loss insurance restoration projects. Our project managers are trained to review all properties for such property damage (fire, hail, and wind).

Insurance Restoration


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