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Top-Rated Gutter Cleaning Services in the Greater Chicago Area and Northwest Indiana

Cleaning the gutters is one of those challenging household chores that is essential for protecting and preserving a home. If you live in the Greater Chicago Area or Northwest Indiana, you can trust the experienced professionals at Total Roofing and Construction, Inc. to keep your gutter free of leaves, pine needles, bird droppings, broken roofing materials and other damaging debris.

TRC is proud to be a family-owned and operated company with convenient locations in Dolton, Illinois and Schererville, Indiana. Helping people live their dream is our mission that we strive to fulfill every day.

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Gutter Cleaning

Why Gutter Cleaning Is Essential for Your Home

If you’ve ever attempted to clean your gutters, you know it doesn’t take long for clogs to occur. Regular gutter and downspout cleaning is a crucial home and property maintenance task for several reasons.

The Impact of Neglected Gutters

Clogged gutters create dams that can lead to backups and overflows. Over time, your home will likely experience extensive water damage and leaks. Excess water can travel into your home through cracks and crevices, eventually jeopardizing its structural integrity. Keeping the gutters clean is your best defense against water damage and will contribute to a longer roof life span.

Gutter Health

Gutter Health and Seasonal Maintenance

Timely gutter cleaning and maintenance from TRC will protect your property from clogs and water damage throughout the year. We recommend the service in the spring and fall to ensure the best results.

About Our Expert Gutter Cleaning Services

At TRC, we provide top-notch gutter cleaning services backed by decades of experience to homeowners throughout eastern Illinois and western Indiana.

Gutter Cleaning Essential

Our Gutter Cleaning Process

Our multi-step cleaning process includes using specialized equipment and tools like extension poles and powerful handheld blowers to remove leaves, sticks, twigs and other debris from the gutter, roof and even behind chimneys where these materials often accumulate.

We also test the downspouts to ensure they’re clear. If we find clogs, we’ll remove them and use a garden hose to flush out any remaining debris. Our crew will disassemble them to remove blockages if necessary. We’ll finish the job by cleaning up any remaining debris from your yard and disposing of it properly.

Safety is always a top priority at TRC. We recognize the hazards of working on gutters and roofs, and we take numerous proactive measures to protect our crews and the people on the ground.

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Gutter Cleaning Process

Complementary Services for Complete Property Maintenance

As the “total” in our company’s name indicates, we offer our customers a full range of services. We can perform roof cleaning and maintenance to keep this critical housing structure in peak condition and maximize its life span. We can also install a Gutter Guard system to prevent future clogs and deploy waterproofing techniques for extra protection.

Gutter Cleaning Complementary Services
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