Church Roof Replacement

Over 50+ Churches

Throughout Chicagoland

We are experienced working on all types of church and faith-specific projects. These types of projects vary from your traditional homes and common roofing projects and demand project experts.

We have installed new church roofing systems on over 50+ churches throughout the Chicago land and Northwest Indiana area. In addition, we trained to assist you with special circumstances such as roof insurance appraisals, insurance roof restorations, and consultant work for these types of projects. Check out our Projects page to see some of our completed church roofing projects.


Roof Replacement

We have installed every type of roofing system on churches such as: asphalt shingle roofs, laminate shingle roofs, single-ply, modified bitumen, PVC/TPO, and more. There’s no limitation to ensuring your building is watertight. Learn more about our different roofing systems on our Roofing Services page. We offer the industry’s best warranties and can offer extended product warranties because of our reputation & partnerships. Find out more about our warranty options on our Warranty page.

Church Maintenance Plans

So you don’t need a new roof, that’s fine, but do you have a strategic plan to extend that roof is still recommended. Explore our Maintenance Services page to learn about our church maintenance plans and how they can help preserve your investment. The most common workmanship warranty is 5 years from roofing companies, so what’s your plan after those 5 years? What will you do from (years 7 to 20) to preserve your investment? We will plan and assist maintenance plan to extend your system. Our current clients have noticed a decrease in churches liability by outsourcing this from their own maintenance staff.

Insurance Restoration

Our project manager’s are trained to assist in re-mediating and restoring your property to previous condition. Discover how our Restoration Services can help you navigate the insurance claims. We can assist you throughout the entire claims process: adjustment, material list, scope of work, and more. Since 1990, we have secured over $1.5 million dollar in additional supplements for church client during the insurance claims process. We believe the board is not efficient when dealing with disaster, but more specifically the insurance company. Having a licensed, insured, and experienced roofing contractor is the difference in replacing your roofing system rather settling for the insurances pennies.

Dolton, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Trinity Lutheran Church
St.Paul Lutheran Church Dolton, Illinois

The Insurance Process

Filing a commercial and church roof claim is one of the biggest decisions your organization will make while managing the day-to-day operations. It’s vital that your organization trusts the contractor assisting you in the remediation and restoration of church, because we assure you the insurance company is not always
forthright. Our staff has completed over 35 church insurance claims and even more builds and we understand the demands of your congregation.

Assistance During The Insurance Process:

Represent you as the specialist of your roofing system.

Prepare estimates & insurance cost estimates

On-site for the entire build.

On-site for all meetings and adjustments.

Submit photos, supplements, and building codes.

Perform normal roof replacement duties.