Wood Dale/Georgetown Condos Project: A Case Study

A Case Study

How TRC Helped Nail the Wood Dale/Georgetown Condos Project

Total Roofing and Construction helped the Wood Dale/Georgetown Condos meet their timelines and budget after almost being entirely derailed by inexperienced construction companies.

Wood Dale/Georgetown Condos Project


Total Roofing and Construction (TRC) bid on a complicated job with a project scope that required siding, roofing, carpentry, engineer involvement and assisting a board that had previously dealt with unqualified companies. After a long weeding-out process, we were awarded the project based on our construction knowledge and willingness to be deeply involved throughout the process.

The Initial Challenges

Before TRC took over, the previous contractor used subcontractors and lost control of timelines. The scope of work was not followed and, due to a lack of on-site project management, communication with the engineering firm and board was nonexistent.

The board wanted a streamlined process with on-site management, open communication between all involved and a company with strong construction knowledge.

The Initial Challenges
TRC Uncovered and Dealt With During the Project

Additional Challenges

Our initial quote was more detailed than any other contractor in hopes of eliminating most change orders to try and stay within budget. When we discovered an item outside the scope of work, we provided photo evidence and explained to the board why additional work was needed. Then, we let them make the decision to move forward.

The previous contractor submitted almost $1,000,000 in change orders halfway through the project with no proof or clear communication.

Solutions TRC Provided
TRC Provided the Georgetown Condos Project

The Solutions

TRC helped solve problems by providing:

  • Open communication: TRC established clear communication lines between all relevant parties and was available at all times.
  • Clear project status updates: We did daily updates on a shared Google doc, providing the board with real-time progress and project status notification. We also flagged any issues as they happened to help exceed the client’s expectations.
  • Managed expectations: With open communication, everyone knew what was expected of them, which eliminated guesswork and minimized disappointment.
The Solutions
How Working With Us

Benefited the Client

The advantages of working with TRC included:

  • Skilled employees: Our in-house team helped control timelines and resolve communication issues.
  • Effective teamwork: Our front office staff and marketing team worked together to smooth out the numerous situations that arise with projects of this scale.
  • On-site project management: TRC’s on-site project manager provided an easy and accessible line of communication to homeowners, board members, municipal authorities and the engineering firm.
  • Skilled professionals: With our extensive construction industry experience and knowledge, we gave confidence to all parties involved that the right company was in charge.
Client Benefits
Wood Dale/Georgetown Condos Project

The Results

The project was completed on time and within budget. Board members praised all aspects of our work, deeming our efforts outstanding and exceeding all expectations. They were so happy that they contracted us for an additional year of work.

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The Solutions

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