Our Roofing Process

Our Roofing Process

Our Roofing Process

Home repairs can be a daunting task, especially for a new homeowner. Replacing or renovating your roof is a large-scale investment you don’t want to gamble on. Your roof maintains the structural integrity of your home, protecting your most valuable possessions and loved ones from the elements. Therefore, you want to work with a credible contractor you can trust, who only uses quality materials to perform roof repairs without any unnecessary costs.

When construction decisions have to be made, you should feel comfortable and confident in your choices. Understanding our entire roofing process will allow you to make definitive judgment calls for one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever have to make. In the end, you want a stress-free experience that will leave you satisfied with the results.

Residential Roofing Process: What to Expect From Start to Finish

Creating a solid plan of action to tackle renovations and repairs starts with a phone call. From there, you’ll go through a few key steps to initiate the roofing process. One of our reputable project managers will be by your side throughout the entire roofing process, from the initial phone call to the placement of the final shingle.

Let’s take a close look at each step of our residential roof replacement process:

1. Scheduling the Inspection

After giving our office a call to get a quote, our sales representatives will set up an appointment for a contractor to visit your home for a free in-person inspection. After evaluating your home, budget expectations and property goals, we’ll create an estimate and write up a contract that will detail the production process and schedule. From there, our production and sales teams work together to ensure your preferred roofing materials are available to start the project.

2. Establishing Property Goals

Homeowners come in many forms. Some are new buyers who have just moved into their starter homes, while others have lived in the same house for decades. Part of our production process is getting to know what your goals are for the property, according to how long you plan on living in the house and how much you want to invest in it.

3. Choosing Your Roofing Materials

Choosing roofing materials is much like shopping for anything else. You have to consider several factors, such as appearance, versatility, affordability and durability. One of our contractors will help you choose between the available material options, always taking into account the architectural style of your home and monetary goals.

  • Asphalt: This type of roofing can last for decades and is available in several colors. An asphalt roof is easy to install and affordable.
  • Metal: Residential metal roofing can be made with aluminum, steel and copper. It has a life span of up to 70 years, can help you save on air conditioning and heating costs and comes in a variety of colors to match your home.
  • Laminated: Also known as architectural roofing, laminated shingles come in the highest-quality options. They can last up to 50 years with the right maintenance, are the most water-resistant kind of roofing material and can stand up against 120-mile-per-hour winds.

Large purchases for your home come with the concern that something will go wrong. Just like with any purchase, if there’s an issue or question regarding your roof repair or renovation, there will be workmanship and manufacturer warranties to ensure your investment is protected. Our service department will happily handle any concern you have.

Obtaining Permits

4. Obtaining Permits

After your free inspection, we’ll apply for and obtain the building permit on your behalf. Permits are taken care of on a case-by-case basis, depending on your township or homeowner’s association (HOA) requirements. It typically takes seven to 10 days for a permit to be awarded.

If there are restrictions or requirements by your community, town or HOA, our state-licensed installers will handle any additional measures to ensure local guidelines are abided by and we can move forward with the project.

5. Creating the Timeline

Once the building permit is attained, we’ll notify the project manager. Your project manager will make sure the materials are available for your project. In total, the renovation roofing process will take approximately two to three weeks, weather permitting. Living in the Midwest means the best time to install a new roofing system is from Memorial Day to Thanksgiving.

Before signing up for your roofing project, your project manager will explain what’s expected of you during the construction process. This usually just means clearing the work area of décor, patio furniture and breakable items. Many of our clients work from home, so our crew will do their best to limit disruptions to your everyday life.

For the day-to-day work, our team usually arrives between 7 and 8 a.m. Morning safety meetings and transporting the materials will play a factor in the exact start time. The work day typically ends around 5 to 6 p.m.

6. Cleaning and Conducting the Final Inspection

We value our ability to deliver the best roofing system installation in the area. Our job isn’t done until your yard and driveway are cleaned up and receive the final stamp of approval from your project manager. The average roofing project will require several reviews during installation to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Once the final inspection clears, you can enjoy your new roof.

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