Roofing Process

9 Things You Need for Your Roofing Job 

By Phillip Cooper / June 20, 2023 /

When tackling a roofing job, it is crucial to understand precisely what materials and equipment your contractor may need, so you have a complete idea of what happens during the process. A roof has various elements, from decking and underlayment to fascia board and ventilation systems. Each aspect should be discussed before any work starts…

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Our Roofing Process graphic for blog post

Our Roofing Process

By Phillip Cooper / November 9, 2022 /

Home repairs can be a daunting task, especially for a new homeowner. Replacing or renovating your roof is a large-scale investment you don’t want to gamble on. Your roof maintains the structural integrity of your home, protecting your most valuable possessions and loved ones from the elements. Therefore, you want to work with a credible…

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